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farm house

The second floor of the civil war era farm house has a kitchen and three common rooms where you can entertain yourself and your guests. One of the common rooms has a TV and DVD player.  Bring your favorite movie or something to entertain the little ones.   The patio on the back of the farmhouse and the front porch provide plenty of room for just sitting and enjoying the views.  There is no cable or wi-fi in the farmhouse.

The common rooms can be rented for an event, or the entire farmhouse can be rented by the day or week.

Guest Rooms in the Farmhouse
The farmhouse is 150 years old and the guest rooms will not be suitable for everyone. If you are adventurous and want a different overnight experience, then the squeaking floors, crooked doors, and rough plaster may be just what you are looking for. Please look at the photos and ask questions to be certain that this is the experience you are looking for.

Room 1 is located on the top floor just to the right of the stairs. This room is actually two rooms, a sitting room and a bed room. These rooms are furnished with older furniture to give the feel of living in another time. The bedroom has a full sized bed. If you open the interior shutters, the morning sun rising over the Laurel Ridge will be your alarm clock. And don’t be alarmed by the pitcher and chamber pot in the corner – they are there just for decoration. This room has its own bath room.

Room 2 is located on the top floor just to the left of the stairs. This room has a lovely hand-painted bedroom suit and a full sized bed. The window in this room faces west and looks out over the back yard. This room does not have its own bath room. Room 2 shares the bathroom at the end of a short hall with room 3.

Room 3 is located on the top floor and is just a few steps down a short hallway from the top of the steps. This room has a charming brass bed. The windows in this room face east and provide a wonderful view of the Laurel Ridge. This room has a sink, but shares the bathroom at the end of the hall with room 2.

Room 4 is located on the first floor of the farmhouse, which is actually the basement of the farmhouse. We nicknamed this room the “mancave” because the stone walls and large hand-hewn beams that hold up the house are so visually overwhelming. We tried to soften things up with some hand painted furniture and a lovely full size maple bed, but those stone walls and beams are just too rustic. Men, and a lot of women, love this room, but for some, it is too rustic looking. The entrance to room 4 is from outside the farmhouse, so you can come and go without bothering anyone else staying in the farmhouse. Room 4 has its own modern bath.